By submitting a project through this database, you are:
  • Acknowledge that you are responding to the letter of solicitation you have received from us or following up on a discussion you may have had with an Engineering Design Program representative;
  • Agree to the sponsorship terms specified on the Sponsor and Project Requirements page of our website; and
  • Accept the risks inherent in open-ended projects involving students.
After clicking on the link below, you will either log in with your existing sponsor account credentials (the same email address we have used to keep you updated about our program and associated password); or, if you do not have an existing sponsor account, you will need create a new sponsor account. You can also reset your password on the following page for an existing sponsor account if necessary.

I have read the Sponsor and Project Requirements on your website and the statements above and I would like to sponsor a Senior Capstone Design project with the specified terms.