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Project Code: 17031
Project Title: Test Rig for Pressurized Bolt Joint Assemblies
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Honeywell Aerospace
Description: Project goal: To design a modular flange that can be used to detect leakage at bolted joints. The test rig allows designers to test proposed bolted joint assemblies at a smaller scale and enables revisions to be made at earlier stages of engine design. It also provides criteria for leakage when running computer analyses.Three modular flange assemblies were designed and built to demonstrate three cases: leakage through the bolt holes, leakage between the bolt holes, and no leakage. Assemblies differ in the amount of space between bolt holes in the three sets of interchangeable flanges. Once secured, flanges can be tested using a water pump and a specifically designed test rig, which simulates engine flight conditions and allows the user to check for leakage and quantify displacement. The displacement of the flanges during testing can be measured and the leakage status recorded. After testing, the displacement with corresponding leakage status can be compared to the bolt hole spacing. After multiple tests at different loadings and bolt patterns, a database can be built to provide qualifiable analytical criteria. The database will allow the sponsor to determine the amount of leakage based on the displacement, loads and number of bolts without running any subsequent physical tests.