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Project Code: 18018
Project Title: Engine Communications Card
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Honeywell Aerospace
Description: Universal communications cards for aircraft do not currently exist. The engine communications card designed provides a common interface between a memory bus and several signals, and features include parallel transmission of communication signals. Protocols transmitted by the card include CAN, ARINC 429, RS-485/422, MIL-STD-1533 and Ethernet. It is contained in a chassis that is resilient to vibrations and fluctuating temperatures such as those found in an aircraft engine bay. Card design is modular, allowing one or more of the input signals to be missing without affecting the operation of the card, as well as providing a basis for the design of more application-specific cards in the future.The engine communications card is suitable for most engine configurations, allowing easier serviceability.