Smart Distributed Environmental Beacon | Engineering Clinic


Project Code: 18059
Project Title: Smart Distributed Environmental Beacon
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Memorandum of Understanding
Project Citizenship Restriction: Yes

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Raytheon Missile Systems
Description: The mesh network envisioned uses unmanned aircraft to deploy solar-powered beacons in regions lacking Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. Designing the beacons required analysis of battery life using solar panels, mechanical housing survivability and longevity of electronic components. The team prototyped and tested six beacons, all with minimal size and weight so they could be dropped by drone. A mobile application allows users to send emergency requests, display their location, and receive and display incoming responses from the main station. The main station is responsible for receiving and responding to emergency requests, monitoring the beacons and keeping a log of the system. The beacons are responsible for handling these requests. With no cellular service, the main station communicates with the beacons over the radio mesh network.