Felt Recoil Measurement System | Engineering Clinic


Project Code: 16073
Project Title: Felt Recoil Measurement System
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: Yes

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Raytheon Missile Systems
Description: The sponsor asked the team to design and build a test platform to measure the felt recoil of a variety of shoulder-fired weapons. Felt recoil is the energy experienced when discharging a firearm. The test platform consists of a weapon-containment structure, a remote trigger actuator, and a data-acquisition system that includes an impact sensor and an accelerometer. The weapon-containment structure allows free movement of the weapon in three directions. The remote trigger actuator accommodates triggers with various weights and lengths of pull. The weapon can be fired from 15 feet away for safety. The impact sensor measures the energy in the axial direction while the accelerometer measures the acceleration of the weapon in the pitch, yaw and axial directions. The acceleration in the axial direction provides correlation of the impact sensor reading.