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Project Code: 17029
Project Title: Pressure Sensor and Data Acquisition System
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Honeywell Aerospace
Description: Project goal: To design, integrate and test a pressure sensor and data-acquisition system to be used in testing equipment for aircraft products controlling cabin pressure. The easy to install and use system consists of a 7-by-12-by-3-inch box containing two absolute pressure sensors, one differential pressure sensor, and one water differential pressure sensor. The box also includes an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller, communication wiring between the sensors and Arduino, and other design materials to protect the components.The device displays sampled pressure values via a graphical user interface using software programmed in C# that is compatible with Windows 10. The software allows data to be saved in a spreadsheet file. The device provides the user with various sensor readings at different capture rates ranging from 0.05 seconds to 10 seconds for all four sensors. The detection accuracy of the absolute pressure sensors is± 0.1% (with 0.001 resolution). Accuracy of the differential pressure sensors is± 0.25% (with 0.01 resolution).