Advanced Mining Machine Concept: Team 1 | Engineering Clinic


Project Code: 17007
Project Title: Advanced Mining Machine Concept: Team 1
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Caterpillar Inc.
Description: Project goal: To provide a machine concept capable of replacing the electric rope shovel as the primary method for surface mining excavation. The primary requirements were to achieve a material-loading rate of 200 tons per minute, machine geometry providing a 70-foot horizontal and 30-foot vertical digging reach, and material selectivity greater than that provided by the electric rope shovel.Extensive research, trade study analysis, and CAD modeling narrowed the concept ideas to a final design designated the “bucket-scraper.” The design maximizes the amount of time the machine spends extracting material by removing the swing cycle that plagues existing power shovels,and by implementing continuous mining methods. The system architecture of this new machine was broken down to the component level,where functional requirements were specified and confirmed through analysis. CAD modeling of structural components with 3-D printed models was used to verify machine geometry requirements. Calculations and theoretical analyses were performed to confirm the excavator’s loading rate. Less detailed analysis and design was performed on the machine’s hydraulic system, power system, control system, propulsion system, conveyors, and structural components.