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Project Code: 16082
Project Title: Dynamically Scaled Research Testbed
Project Type: Industry
Project Intellectual Property: Company Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Description: The Dynamically Scaled Research Testbed designed by the team is a one-third dynamically scaled Lockheed Martin X-56A that supports the modular integration of multiple wing configurations. Wing configurations include 22- and 40-degree swept wings with stiff, semi-flexible and flexible bending properties, in conjunction with existing straight wings from previous projects. Varying flexibilities are achieved by altering the geometry of the internal composite spars and skin structure. All of the wings fit into a modular fuselage, which houses mounts for a removable tail and adjustable landing gear. The tail serves as training wheels for pilots as they familiarize themselves with the platform. All swept-wing configurations demonstrate static stability with and without the tail. The wings will be used to research boundary layer flow separation in the presence of structural motion, a problem that will become increasingly relevant as the use of flexible composites in the aerospace industry grows.