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Project Code: 15026
Project Title: Robotic Knee Extension Simulator
Project Type: Faculty
Project Intellectual Property: University Controlled
Project Citizenship Restriction: No

Project Details

Sponsor Company: UA Department of Biomedical Engineering
Description: The objective of this project, which builds on work done by a previous team, is to produce a device that aids in research on dynamic loading of the knee joint, with a view to developing improved surgical techniques. The device facilitates analysis of how mechanical behavior varies between diseased and healthy joints. A primary requirement for the device is to collect and store data about two degrees of freedom in the knee, measuring such parameters as flexion, extension, internal rotation, and external rotation. As a mechanical system it is important to create a realistic movement incorporating the patella tendon, which was achieved by developing a pulley system and a nondestructive tendon clamp. As knee movement is simulated, each sensor collects data for research analysis.